Walker Sells WI As Model To House Republicans, National Grammar Day, Many Americans Don’t Know A Scientist

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Many Americans do not personally know a scientist. Our guest looks at the impact that can have on personal understanding of complex issues facing the country, and some possible solutions. National Grammar Day is coming up. We look at some of the most common grammatical mistakes, and why good grammar matters. And we hear about Governor Walker’s suggestion that House Republicans learn from Wisconsin’s example when it comes to dealing with Obamacare and angry protesters.

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  • Walker: Wisconsin A Model For Dealing With Obamacare And Angry Protesters

    Governor Walker is on Capitol Hill today, recommending high-level House Republicans consider Wisconsin a model for repealing Obamacare. According to media reports, he’s also sharing lessons from Wisconsin’s 2011 mass protests, in the hope that it will help Republicans deal with rowdy town hall meetings over Obamacare.

  • Why More Americans Should Get To Know A Scientist

    How many scientists do you know? If the answer is “zero,” you’re not alone. Our guest says that most Americans aren’t acquainted with a scientist, and believes that prevents the public from truly understanding, and valuing, the work they do. She talks about the need for scientists to be visible in their communities, refocus science education, and advocate for their field in the political realm.

  • National Grammar Day

    National Grammar Day is approaching. We talk with an expert about why grammar still matters, and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

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