Walker Says Nominee Could Be Someone Not Running, Candidate Tax Plans, Recipes For Easter Brunch

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Scott Walker believes in an open convention, the nominee could be someone who is currently not running. We discuss with a political reporter. Presidential hopefuls will be campaigning in Wisconsin soon, and many of them will likely try to explain why they believe their tax plan is best. An expert discusses what each candidate’s plan means for taxpayers. We also learn some new recipes to bring out for Easter brunch.

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  • Walker – Open Convention Nominee Could Be Someone Not Running

    Governor Walker believes that if the Republican National Convention is contested this election year, it’s likely that someone who’s not currently running could get the nomination. We’ll discuss Walker’s prediction with a journalist today after 3:00pm.

  • Tax Plans Of The Presidential Candidates

    While Congress is ultimately responsible for creating tax laws and policies, voters want to know where presidential candidates stand. A tax expert compares their positions.

  • Food Friday: Irish Cuisine To Celebrate Easter

    On this edition of Food Friday we talk to an Irish chef and author about some culinary ways we can celebrate Easter. Our guest will also share her recipe for an Irish Breakfast Tortilla.

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