Walker Investigation, Living On Mars, The Story Behind Skin Color

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Why do humans find skin color so important? Our guest anthropologist explores the science behind skin color and how it affects all of us. We also learn how humans might eventually live on Mars, and get the latest on new documents revealing that Governor Walker was the subject of a criminal investigation in 2011.

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  • New Documents Reveal Walker Was Subject Of Criminal Investigation In 2011

    Records made public Wednesday show that Governor Scott Walker was the subject of a criminal investigation for Misconduct in Public Office during his time as Milwaukee County Executive – a felony offense. The investigation, which he previously denied being a target of, involved suspected bid-rigging over a county real estate deal.

    Walker was never charged with a crime and the investigation was closed in 2013. This is surfacing now because Walker aide Cindy Archer is suing Milwaukee prosecutors over their investigation. Governor Walker’s presidential campaign has said that the release of the information – the day before the first GOP presidential debate – is politically motivated.

  • How We'll Live On Mars

    On the third anniversary of the Curiosity’s landing on mars we talk to a leading technology and science journalist about how humans might one day live on the Red Planet.

  • The Biological And Social Importance Of Skin Color

    A person’s skin color can have a huge impact on their everyday life, but our guest says racial classification isn’t as simple as black and white. Our anthropologist expert explores the social and biological impact skin color has our lives.

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