Walker Hints At Third Term, DOJ’s Youth Prison Investigation

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The Wisconsin Department of Justice is investigating a number of issues at a facility for young offenders, which has led to two staff members being relieved of their duties. A WPR reporter gives us the latest on this developing investigation. We also look at Governor Walker’s recent comments about possibly running for a third term as Wisconsin’s governor.

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  • Walker's Hint At Third Term Could Be A Signal To Donors, Says Political Scientist

    Gov. Scott Walker’s hint this week that he might run for a third term could be a signal to supporters to ratchet up contributions to his war chest for a future statewide campaign, according to a Wisconsin political scientist.

    Speaking at an economic summit on Wednesday, Walker told a crowd that he’s looking to stay in the state Capitol beyond 2018 when his current term expires.

    “We’re committed not just for the next couple of years, for the next three years as I’m governor, (but) if, God willing, in the future as voters, you ask me to continue to stand for four more years after that,” he said.

    Charley Jacobs, associate professor of political science at St. Norbert College, said Walker’s remarks might have been aimed at his core backers and an indication of a mounting campaign.

    “I think part of this is to suggest to donors, and to the public who might push him and support him to that run in 2018, that I’m in the game, and I might be coming and knocking on your door soliciting some donations from you to make me a viable and credible candidate in three years,” he said.

    Given his early exit from the presidential race and all-time low approval ratings, Jacobs said he believes Walker has a hole to dig out of to win another term. However, the political scientist said the governor can turn it around if he’s engaged in the process early — but it’s going to cost some money.

    “American politics now has been the race for money, and you can’t sit on the sideline and hope that if you jump in very late to a race … that everyone is just going to scramble to your door and fill up your war chest really easily. You have to be kind of on this at all times,” Jacobs said.

    According to the Marquette University Law Poll, Walker currently has a 38 percent approval rating. And while some might assume that makes Walker vulnerable, Jacobs warned Wisconsin Democrats shouldn’t underestimate a politician who has won three elections in four years.

    “I think what we’ve seen from the Democratic Party in Wisconsin over the last couple of years is sort of a realization that they don’t have a particularly deep bench,” Jacobs said. “Even though (Walker’s) numbers might be a little low, he’s a daunting candidate. He’s a good campaigner, he’s a good politician, he runs credible races. And as you can see from the last couple of races that he’s run, he’s handled pretty well the Democrats and some of the best that the Democrats have had to offer.”

    Besides securing campaign money, Jacobs said Walker might be able to win back independent voters by getting things done in the legislature and passing laws on job creation, transportation and education.

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