Walker-Evers Debate For The Last Time, Studies Show Future Loss Of Invertebrate Populations And Why We Find Horror So Interesting

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The campaign for Wisconsin governor is in the home stretch. We look at what Gov. Scott Walker and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers said in their final debate on Friday, and how the two are making their closing arguments ahead of next week’s election. We also learn about recent reports that show bad news for insect and invertebrate populations.Some people love a scary movie, while others loathe them. Then, we talk to a horror researcher about the social and biological components that make some of us love to be spooked.

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  • Breaking Down The Final Walker-Evers Debate Of The Campaign

    Gov. Scott Walker and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers met for their second and final debate Friday in Milwaukee. We look at what was said and what the campaigns are up as we enter the home stretch for Wisconsin’s race for governor.

  • A Look At The Huge Declines Of Global Invertebrate Populations

    Recent studies have shown that insect and other invertebrate populations around the world are on the decline, but a new report may be the “most disturbing” one yet. We discuss the situation, why scientists largely blame climate change and what it may mean for the global food supply.

  • Why We Love To Be Frightened, And How It Serves Us

    A horror researcher explains the social and biological roots to the effect scary books, movie and video games have on us … and why so many of us enjoy being frightened.

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