Walker And Evers Unveil School Funding And Tax Ideas, Instagram’s Dark Side, What Democracy Looks Like With Active Thinkers As Citizens

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With three weeks to go until Election Day, Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger Tony Evers are discussing more of their intentions about how they would govern. We look at Walker’s plan to increase state funding for schools and Evers’ proposal to cut income taxes for low- and middle-class earners. We also discuss how Instagram’s positive appearance could be causing lots of unhappiness behind the scenes and we look into the idea of “deliberative democracy,” and how it could provide some relief to those fed up with the partisanship and gridlock in our politics.

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  • A Look At The School Funding And Tax Proposals From Walker And Evers

    Gov. Scott Walker says if reelected, he plans to restore state funding for schools to two-thirds their total cost. Meanwhile, Tony Evers says he’ll work to cut middle-class taxes by 10 percent. We discuss the latest proposals in the race for governor.

  • Instagram's 'Perfect' Content Might Be Making People Unhappy

    Super yogis, dedicated dog owners, small business entrepreneurs, fashion influencers and more all seem to make Instagram their social media of choice. While Instagram has been labeled the more friendly of the social media experiences for quite some time, our guest says the combination of perfect photos and upbeat captions can make users feel like their own lives are less than desired.

  • What Happens When People Engage In Deliberative Democracy?

    Frustration about our political system abounds, but what could make it less partisan and more responsive to the public? One idea is deliberative democracy, where people take part in moderated discussions on policy issues and submit their opinions. We talk to an expert about his book on the subject and find out how it’s worked around the world.

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