Voting News Roundup, Tech Companies Raising Prices

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Voters use voting booths on Election Day
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Republican lawmakers passed several bills last week that would create tighter voting laws in the state. We find out about the legislation and a push to investigate the 2020 election. We also find out why tech companies like Uber and DoorDash are raising their prices and what it means for customers.

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  • State Republicans Push New Voting Laws, Election Investigation

    The state Senate passed several voting-related bills last week that would limit options for submitting absentee ballots and create new photo ID requirements for some voters with disabilities. The legislature has also hired outside investigators to look into the 2020 election in the state. We get caught up on the latest election news.

  • Tech Companies Aim For Profits, Shift Away From Low Rates

    Silicon Valley tech companies have been changing the way we hail a ride, order a meal and even pay for a movie. Some of those startups are here to stay, others have fizzled. After years of low rates, app services are now looking to turn a profit and hiking prices. We talk with a tech columnist who is following the changing gig economy.

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