Voter Turnout Decline, This Week In Washington, Rural Wisconsin In New Health Care Bill

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A new report looking at voter engagement in the country found that the second highest decline in voter turnout since 2012 was in Wisconsin. The report author tells us why. Rural northern Wisconsin helped deliver a victory to Donald Trump in November, but a new analysis of the proposed American Health Care Act shows that the area’s residents will lose much of their health care subsidies. We talk about why rural Wisconsin will see costs go up and the political pressure it creates for the state’s legislators. We also break down the biggest political headlines of the week from Washington D.C.

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  • Report: Wisconsin Saw The Second Highest Voter Turnout Decline

    A new report is looking at the varying levels of voter engagement in different parts of the United States. The author of the report tells us why Wisconsin may have seen the second highest drop in voter turnout since 2012.

  • This Week In Washington – March 22, 2017

    USA Today’s Paul Singer joins Central Time for our weekly look at the most pressing issues in national politics. This week, we talk wiretapping, the GOP health care bill, and more.

  • Rural Wisconsin Initiative Seeks To Address Better Access To Health Care In Rural Areas

    State Assembly Representatives Romaine Quinn (R-Rice Lake) and Scott Krug (R-Nakoosa) join us to talk about proposed legislation from the Rural Wisconsin Initiative that would help improve access to high-quality health care in rural areas.

  • Challenges Facing Health Care Access In Rural Wisconsin

    The Rural Wisconsin Initiative has unveiled proposed legislation that would bolster health programs in rural areas of the state. John Eich of the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health joins us to talk about the challenges rural residents face when seeking high-quality health care.

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