Voter ID Law, Why Banks Have A Hard Time Saying Sorry, Parenting In The Era Of Video Games

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Two video game experts make the case that video games are good for kids, despite the research saying they aren’t. We also learn about why banks have a hard time saying sorry, and why it matters. Additionally, we look at what reinstating Wisconsin’s Voter ID law means for the upcoming elections.

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  • Should Wisconsinites Be Able To Vote For No One?

    Almost half of Wisconsin’s legislative races this fall have either no major party challenger or are completely uncontested. That means that 55 of 116 seats in Wisconsin’s statehouse are already decided. Wisconsin Senator Tim Carpenter, himself uncontested, wants to address this lack of competition by giving voters a “none of the above” choice on the ballot.

  • How Will Reinstated Voter ID Law Affect Voters In November?

    A federal appeals panel on Friday reinstated Wisconsin’s voter ID law. How could the law affect voters in the November elections?

  • Why Banks Have A Hard Time Saying Sorry, And Why That Matters

    A reporter talks about the “sorry” state of bank apologies, and why that matters.

  • Parenting In The Era Of Video Games

    In light of new research that indicates kids who spend a lot of time playing video games may have more trouble identifying emotions, we talk with two video games experts about why the games are a positive force.

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  • Marika Suval Producer
  • Chris Malina Producer
  • Tim Carpenter Guest
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  • Jesse Eisinger Guest
  • Constance Steinkuehler Guest
  • Kurt Squire Guest

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