Voter ID Arguments, Will It Waffle?, Death Of The Family Dinner

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Will all Wisconsinites need picture IDs to vote in this fall’s elections? The 7th Circuit Court in Chicago hears oral arguments in the case and we speak with WPR’s state capitol reporter about the scene at the courthouse. Then we learn some tricks for cooking all kinds of things with a waffle iron and debate what brought an end to America’s family dinners.

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  • 7th Circuit Court Hears Arguments In Wisconsin's Voter ID Case

    The 7th Circuit Court in Chicago heard oral arguments in the Wisconsin’s voter ID case Friday. Wisconsin Public Radio’s state capitol reporter Shawn Johnson shares the arguments made at the courthouse.

  • Will It Waffle?: Cooking With A Waffle Iron

    Today’s Food Friday guest is a waffle fanatic. He gives us ideas for punching up our cooking repertoire with unexpected recipes to make in a waffle iron.

  • Despite Push For Healthy Home-Cooked Meals, Study Shows Stress May Outweigh Benefits

    Home-cooked family meals are seen as an ideal for many in the United States, and many food advocates are pushing for us to get back in the kitchen for the benefit of our familes. But the authors of a new study suggest the stress that goes along with preparing and cooking these meals may outweigh the benefits…and it some cases, making these meals can be impossible for families.

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