Voter I.D. Hearing, The Power Of Girl Activism, Taking Back The Fitting Room

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We get the latest on a federal court hearing on Wisconsin’s voter I.D. law. Also: why is it so hard to find clothes that fit? The rise of ‘vanity sizing’ — a technique where distributors change sticker sizing to make shoppers feel good — may have created more confusion in the endless quest to find affordable and fashionable clothes. We learn about how some shoppers have demanded a different experience in the fitting room. We also talk to an educator who says activism is good for girls, their schools and their communities.

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  • What Happened At This Week's Voter ID Hearing

    Wisconsin needs to do more outreach on Voter I.D. laws, and make it easier for people to get valid forms of identification, according to a federal court judge. A WPR reporter shares the latest from a two-day court hearing.

  • How To Help Girls Change The World

    When Seventeen magazine agreed to stop Photoshopping their models, and Google agreed to diversify their Doodles, girl activists were behind those efforts. Girl activism improves things for not just young women, but also for schools and the wider community, says an education professor, if only older women can effectively support them. A new field guide to youth activism shares how.

  • Why One Size Rarely Fits Anyone

    Your body’s measurements may not have changed as you walk from the department store at one end of the mall to the luxury retailer at the other end, but many women know firsthand that the size on their tag won’t be the same. We talk to a writer who traced the history of clothing sizes and talks about “the fight to take back the fitting room.”

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