Voter Data On Hold, Tone-Deaf Marketing, Valuing Emotional Labor

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The Wisconsin Elections Commission will not release voter information to a federal voter fraud commission for the time being. We learn what their reasoning is. It’s often said that technical skills are necessary for the future workforce, but emotional intelligence may actually end up being more important. That’s according to our guest, who says the demand for emotional labor is booming, but the work is undervalued. We also look at a series of poorly received marketing efforts by Kendall Jenner and discuss why we hate bad advertising.

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  • Wisconsin Will Wait To Act On President's Election Commission Request To Turn Over Voter Information

    Earlier this month, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity sent a letter to each state requesting voter information such as birth dates, party affiliation, the last four digits of Social Security numbers and more. The request was condemned nationwide and several states, including Wisconsin, have refused to fully comply. Now, the commission is facing a legal challenge. We’ll speak with Ken Mayer about the news and the potential implications.

  • Demand Growing For Emotional Labor

    We hear a lot about the need for advanced technical skills in the new job market, but our guest says that the bigger demand will be for emotional labor. She talks about the jobs that require “soft skills,” and why she thinks they’re currently undervalued.

  • When Advertising Goes From Trendy To Tone Deaf

    From an unpopular Pepsi commercial to t-shirts with Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s faces superimposed over images of music icons like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Pink Floyd and more, the Jenners have been at the center of more than one marketing faux pas. We talk to a marketing experting who writes about marketing and diversity about when an ad or merchandise is culturally relevant, and when it misses the mark.

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