Voter Behavior, 1918 Flu In Wisconsin, Week In Washington

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A polling place in Waukesha, Wis.
This April 6, 2020 photo shows the polling location for city of Waukesha, Wis., residents. Scott Trindl/AP

President Trump has removed the inspector general overseeing $2 trillion in emergency relief funding. We get the details on his decision. We also discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic affected voter behavior in this week’s election. Plus, a look back at the 1918 flu’s impact on Wisconsin.

Featured in this Show

  • How Is Coronavirus Affecting Voter Behavior?

    Coronavirus has had a big impact on Wisconsin’s 2020 spring election, but how is it all affecting voter behavior? We’ll take a closer look with a political scientist from Beloit College.

  • Impact Of 1918 Influenza Epidemic In Wisconsin

    Coronavirus isn’t the first deadly virus to have a big effect on Wisconsin. We talk to a history professor about the 1918 influenza epidemic, and how the state responded to it more than a century ago.

  • This Week In Washington – April 8, 2020

    Senator Bernie Sanders is suspending his campaign for president, but says he’ll continue pushing for a progressive Democratic platform. We’ll talk with a political scientist about Sanders’ impact on the party in the last five years and where the race goes from here.

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