Virtual Communication At Work Not A Great Substitute For Human Connection, Lame-Duck Session’s Impact On Health Care

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While sending an email to a coworker seems simple and can be done from the comfort of your own desk, a workplace researcher says face-to-face interactions are important to creating an authentic human connection on the job. We’ll also discuss the impact the state legislature’s lame-duck session could have on health care coverage.

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    During this week’s lame-duck legislative session, a number of measures passed could have a significant impact on health care coverage in Wisconsin in the coming years. We speak with Phil Rocco of Marquette University about what’s at stake with the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid in the state.

  • Maintaining Human Connections In A Digital Workplace

    On the surface, the digital age lets us connect with our co-workers more easily than ever before. But losing a sense of authentic, human connection with others can have its own consequences. We talk with a workplace researcher about why face-to-face interactions are important and how to balance them with digital communication.

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