Vintage Bar Signs, Evers Meets With GOP, New Guidlines On Mental Health Treatment For Men And Boys

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Cop Shoppe Pub, Wausau, Wisconsin, December 2017
Photo By Kip Praslowicz

A former Wisconsinite has set out to capture the spirit of Wisconsin through ubiquitous bar signs. We learn how the iconic Pabst Blue Ribbon and other vintage bar signage became a project for the Duluth resident. We find out what Governor Tony Evers discussed with Republican lawmakers today ahead of the next legislative session. We also learn about new guidelines from the American Psychological Association’s for treating men and boys.

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  • Project To Photograph Midwest Vintage Beer Signs Brings Photographer Full Circle

    For those who are locals, the long-running bar, restaurant, bowling alley and ballroom known as Chet & Emil’s in Birnamwood, WI is a familiar spot. For our guest, it’s where he grew up. Now living in Duluth, we talk to a former Wisconsinite who grew up above the bar his grandfather owned about how the iconic bar signs like the Pabst Blue Ribbon have become the center of one of his photography projects.

  • Evers, GOP Leaders Meet To Discuss Priorities And Common Ground

    Governor Tony Evers met with Republican lawmakers today to discuss priorities for the next legislative session, including Medicaid expansion, the manufacturing and agricultural tax credit, and more. Our capitol bureau chief talks with us about whether compromise or disagreement ruled the day.

  • APA Issues Guidelines For Treating Men And Boys

    The American Psychological Association’s recent guidelines for treating men and boys focus on the role of “traditional masculinity” in male mental health. We discuss what’s helpful and harmful about masculinity and why psychologists say men need better treatment.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Natalie Guyette Producer
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  • Kip Praslowicz Guest
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