Vets And Covid, Income Inequality And Social Separation

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Ruthanne Chun embraces Scout in the oncology waiting room
Ruthanne Chun DVM’91, associate dean for clinical affairs and teaching hospital director at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, embraces Scout in the oncology waiting room at UW Veterinary Care. Photo courtesy of WeatherTech

The leader of a Wisconsin veterinary organization talks about the toll the pandemic has taken on that line of service, and how vets and pet-owners can make things better. Then we discuss with a sociologist how the widening gap in incomes is making it more difficult for people to understand each other and their perspectives.

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  • How The Pandemic Is Affecting Veterinary Care In Wisconsin

    Animal hospitals around the nation have been feeling the affects of COVID-19 with fewer staff, higher demand for appointments and angry pet owners. We look at how veterinary workers are coping with the added stress, and how clients can help make the situation better for everyone — and their pets.

  • How The Growing Economic Divide Prevents Us From Learning About Others' Lives

    It’s easier than ever to stay in your bubble — maybe without even realizing it. We talk about why our socioeconomic standings are starting to make it so that we have little idea about what life is like on the other side.

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  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
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