Vegan-Friendly Cooking, How Instagram Might Affect Your Consumption Habits, Rulings On Medicaid Work Requirements

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Social media makes it easy to see where your friends spend their money, but we don’t see how they are saving. We talk with a researcher who says this creates an inaccurate perception, leading us to spend more. We also learn how to make vegan eats that are accessible and appealing and we take a look at rulings on Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky and consider whether they’ll affect other states.

Featured in this Show

  • Making Vegan Eating Affordable, Delicious And Fast

    Two former Midwesterners join us on this Food Friday to share their ideas for healthy, delicious and time-conscious vegan meals. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or eat meat, you can still enjoy the recipes they have to share.

  • Will Recent Rulings On Medicaid Work Requirements In Arkansas, Kentucky Affect Other States?

    A federal judge’s ruling has halted rules in Arkansas and Kentucky involving Medicaid work requirements. We talk with a Wisconsin researcher to consider what this may mean for other states pursuing this policy and the state of Medicaid in the state.

  • How Social Media Exacerbates Spending

    A new study finds that social media has a significant impact on how people spend their money. We talk to a researcher about what people spend their money on and what it could mean for the economy.

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