Valuing Graphic Novels, Local Elections Administrators Facing Shaming From State Commission, Washington News

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An image from issue #1 of THE HAWK by Wisconsin author William Miles.

A librarian talks about the literary value of graphic novels. Then, we talk about reporting from WisContext that looks at why a handful of local governments in Wisconsin haven’t kept up with cyber security best practices. And we discuss the Trump administration’s plans for managing COVID-19 effects.

Featured in this Show

  • Ask A Librarian: Do Graphic Novels Count As Reading For My Child?

    When it comes to picking out books to practice and improve reading skills, sometimes comics and graphic novels get branded “not real books.” We talk with a librarian about the stigma around graphic novels, especially for children.

  • Some Local Governments Not Keeping Up With Cyber Security Best Practices

    The Wisconsin Elections Commission is threatening to publicly out several local governments in the state that have failed to keep up with cyber security best practices. We hear more about the specific web security risks from our colleagues at WisContext.

  • This Week In Washington – March 11, 2020

    President Trump and lawmakers are considering different ideas to boost the economy as the novel coronavirus continues to spread. Also, several members of Congress have self-quarantined after having contact with an infected person. We get an update on the virus response in the nation’s capital.

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