The Value of Unpaid Labor, Helping The Wrongfully Convicted, Clinton Speech

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From housework to childcare, we look at the value of unpaid labor in the U.S. We also learn about a new initiative to help wrongfully convicted Latinos in Wisconsin. And, we discuss the economic proposals of Hillary Clinton, who gave a major speech today in Detroit.

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  • Clinton Lays Out Economic Plans In Detroit Speech

    In a speech today, Hillary Clinton laid out her vision for the United States economy, while criticizing the economic approach taken by her opponent, Donald Trump. An economist breaks down Clinton’s proposals on taxes, jobs, trade and more.

  • Help For Wrongfully Convicted Latinos In Wisconsin

    We learn about a new program of the Wisconsin Innocence Project that is aimed at advocating for wrongfully convicted Latinos.

  • The Large (But Unmeasured) Value Of Unpaid Labor

    Child care, senior care, housework–a lot of these tasks are done for free within families. But a guest says they make a huge impact on the American economy, they fall mostly to women, and we haven’t fully measured their impact.

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