Vacation Days Going Unused During Pandemic, The Best Movie Soundtracks

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Workers across the country have been letting their vacation days rack up during the pandemic. We talk about why, and discuss how some employers are trying to get their employees to take more time off. Then, with the Oscars around the corner, we reflect on the role of music in the movies and listen to some of our favorite movie soundtracks.

Featured in this Show

  • The Case For Using Vacation Days

    Need a vacation? Then take one! Businesses around the country are encouraging workers to take time off that has accumulated during the pandemic. We look at why employees have been hesitant about using vacation days and the benefits of taking time away from work.

  • How Music Makes The Movies

    The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony airs this Sunday. We’ll talk to a film expert about how music plays a crucial role in creating drama or laughs in movies.

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