UW Study On Rising Sea Levels And Internet Lines, Don’t Be An Aspirational Recycler, Who Is Facing Voter Suppression

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If you’ve ever doubted whether an item is recyclable but tossed it in the recycling bin anyway, you might be a bit of an aspirational recycler. We talk to a reporter about some common recycling mistakes and about whether recycling is still making a difference. We also discuss a UW study that has been looking at how rising sea levels could affect internet lines, and we talk about a poll that gauged if people felt they had ever experienced voter suppression.

Featured in this Show

  • Rising Sea Levels Putting Buried Internet Cables At Risk

    Within two decades, thousands of miles of buried fiber optic internet cables could be underwater due to rising sea levels, according to a new study from UW-Madison. We talk to the head researcher about what the impact will be and what can be done to prevent the damage.

  • China Is No Longer Importing Our Recycling, Where To Now?

    About one third of the United State’s recycling is exported to foreign countries to be processed, according to the latest figures from the EPA. Earlier this year, China announced stricter guidelines about what imports it would accept, creating a big problem for some states. We talk to a reporter to learn more about how recyclables get processed and a few things you can do to lessen the costs for recycling companies.

  • New Poll Shows Sharp Split On State Of Democracy

    A new poll from The Atlantic and the Public Religion Research Institute shows people of color are more likely to have trouble voting than their white counterparts. We’ll look at both formal and informal obstacles to casting your ballot if you are a person of color.

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