UW Regents Meeting, Country Music And Guns, The Science Of Cooking Meat

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The NRA has worked directly with some country music stars in recent years on gun issues. We hear why some in the genre are calling for a change after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. The University of Wisconsin regents wrap up their two-day meeting today. We find out about decisions regarding free speech and recruiting chancellors. And during Food Friday, we dive into the science of how meat cooks and get tips to improve our favorite cuts. A top news story gets a closer look as well.

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  • UW Board Of Regents Vote On Hiring Leadership Guidelines, Campus Free Speech Provision

    The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents voted on several issues this week including a controversial provision that would allow schools to punish students if they protest or disrupt speakers on campus. We speak with WPR Reporter Rich Kremer about the meeting and what people on both sides of the issue had to say.

  • Country Music Stars And Gun Control

    Country music stars have worked with the NRA on gun issues in recent years–but after the mass shooting that targeted a country music festival, some figures in the industry are calling for a change. We hear from a music writer about the influence of country artists on the gun control debate.

  • Food Friday: The Science Of Cooking Meat

    We often hear about the “art of cooking” but there’s a healthy amount of science that goes into it as well. On Food Friday today we break out the safety goggles and dig into the science of cooking meat.

    Do you ever wonder what’s going on scientifically when you cook? What’s your favorite cut of meat? Do you have any science-y food questions for Dr. Stu?

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