UW Board Of Regents Approve Merging Two-Year And Four-Year Campuses, Stopping Vehicle Attacks, Cooking With Jaques Pepin

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Attacks involving vehicles running into a crowd can seem difficult to prevent, but bollards may offer hope. Our guest looks at how the barriers between roadways and sidewalks can keep pedestrians safe and improve the movement of people around a city. We also talk to a famous French chef about recipes he’s passing on to his granddaughter. A top news story also gets a closer look.

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  • UW Board Of Regents Approve Merging Two-Year And Four-Year Campuses

    Two-year campuses in the University of Wisconsin system will be merged with larger, four-year institutions. The UW Board of Regents approved the merger yesterday citing declining enrollment. But detractors say that the decision was made too hastily. We speak with WPR Reporter Rich Kremer about what happens next.

  • Cities Using Bollards To Stop Vehicle Attacks

    Last week, New York joined a growing list of cities that have been struck by terrorist attacks involving vehicles. When cars and trucks are used as weapons against pedestrians, an attack can be especially deadly and difficult to stop. However, many cities are turning to the humble bollard as a solution. Our guest talks about how the short, sturdy posts can protect people and improve urban design.

  • Family Cooking: Jacques Pépin And His Granddaughter Talk About Their Time In The Kitchen

    Learning to cook is a time-honored tradition but one that can seem a little daunting when kids are involved. Renowned chef Jacques Pépin joins us, along with his granddaughter Shorey, to talk about fun, delicious, and accessible recipes that bring generations together in the kitchen.

    What questions do you have about cooking with kids? What tips do you have? What are some of your favorite family-friendly recipes?

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