UW band spring concert, Prosecutors in Wisconsin, Fights in schools

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Corey Pompey rehearses the UW-Madison band
UW-Madison’s new marching band director Corey Pompey (center) rehearses the group ahead of the football team’s first home game of the 2019 season. Tim Peterson/WPR 

UW-Madison’s band leader tells us more about the return of the annual spring concert. Then, we’re joined by an investigative reporter who has a new podcast looking into the power prosecutors have in the criminal justice system. Later, a psychology professor joins us to explore why some schools are seeing increases in fights among students.

Featured in this Show

  • UW-Madison varsity band holding first spring concert since the start of the pandemic

    The UW-Madison varsity band’s annual spring concert is back this week for the first time since 2019. It’s the first time without Mike Leckrone conducting the show, so we talk to new director Corey Pompey about taking his place and leading the band into the future.

  • New Wisconsin Watch, WPR podcast looking at the power prosecutors wield

    A new podcast released Wednesday from Wisconsin Watch and WPR takes a closer look at the immense power prosecutors have in our criminal justice system, and how that can lead to questionable outcomes for the accused. We talk to the reporter and host behind the series.

  • Why some schools are seeing more fights since returning in-person

    Some schools have issued more referrals and suspensions for fighting among students since returning to in-person learning full time. We talk to a psychology professor about how students handle anger and how behavior in public has been impacted by isolation during the pandemic.

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