US GDP Drops More Than 30 Percent, Federal Agents In Milwaukee, Trump Suggests Delaying November Election

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Voters waited for hours in long lines to vote in Milwaukee on April 7, 2020
Voters waited for hours in long lines to vote in Milwaukee on April 7, 2020. Here, the voting line wraps around the block outside Washington High School. Researchers say that consolidating polling sites and health concerns of voting in-person during the pandemic kept many Milwaukee voters away, especially Black residents. Coburn Dukehart/Wisconsin Watch

An economics professor helps us interpret the last few months’ worth of staggering decline in national GDP — according to new U.S. data released. Then we talk with the Milwaukee County Executive about incoming federal law enforcement forces in his area, and what their presence will look like. And an election historian walks us through scenarios if President Trump decides to not accept the result of an unsuccessful re-election bid.

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  • What Comes Next After An Historic Drop In The US Economy?

    Between April and June this year, American economic output dropped more than 30 percent, new figures show. We look at the numbers with a UW-Madison professor of economics.

  • Milwaukee County Executive Reacts To Federal Agents Being Sent To City

    Federal law enforcement officers will be arriving in Milwaukee in the coming weeks to assist local authorities in dealing with violent crime. Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley joins us to share his reaction to the move.

  • President Trump Lacks Power To Delay Election, But What Happens If He Disputes The Results?

    President Trump has suggested delaying the presidential election on November 3rd, claiming that mail-in voting is susceptible to a wave of fraud. While the president can’t delay an election, Trump hasn’t said he’ll accept the results if he loses. We talk with an election historian about the different scenarios that could play out.

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