US-China relations, Food Friday: winter citrus

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US Navy sailors recovering a high-altitude surveillance balloon
US Navy via AP

A Chinese spy balloon that traveled across the United States before being shot down and recovered has complicated relations between the two countries. We talk to an expert on China about trust, trade, and the future of this relationship. Also, for Food Friday, we bring a bit of sunshine to the winter weather. Our guest chef has recipes that use citrus to help brighten your meals.

Featured in this Show

  • Where the US stands with China amid suspected spy balloon

    A political scientist helps us review the latest State Department information about a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon that American forces brought down over U.S. soil. And we talk about how this incident fits into the current state of relations between the two countries.

  • Food Friday: Brightening winter cooking with citrus

    If you’re looking for ways to brighten your winter cooking with a burst of Vitamin C and flavor, look no further than citrus fruits. Our guest today talks with us about why she’s cooking with citrus.

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