Update on Wisconsin’s abortion law, Why social media makes us buy stuff

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Abortion rights supporter and opponents protest outside Wisconsin capitol building.
Tim Jones, in foreground, stands outside the Wisconsin Capitol supporting overturning Wisconsin’s near total ban on abortion Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023, in Madison, Wis. Morry Gash/AP Photo

After a judge ruled that Wisconsin’s abortion ban doesn’t actually ban access to the procedure, we check in on how that could impact what services are available. We also discuss why scrolling through social media is more likely to make us buy things.

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  • What a new legal ruling could mean for abortion access in Wisconsin

    Last week, a Dane County judge ruled that Wisconsin’s 1849 law, which was previously interpreted as a ban on most abortions, does not in fact prohibit abortions. A reproductive rights expert lays out what’s at stake.

  • Why does social media make us want to buy stuff?

    You may be familiar with the feeling of buyer’s remorse that comes after purchasing something you don’t need after seeing it again and again on social media. But why do we fall for it in the first place? We talk to the author of new research finding that social media overwhelms our brains, making us more vulnerable to marketing.

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