Update On Baraboo High School Photo, Wisconsin’s Health County-By-County, What GM Layoffs Indicate For The Auto Industry

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Earlier this month a photo of Baraboo High School students, giving what appears to be the Nazi salute drew nationwide attention. We learn about the new resolution for inclusive environments the school has adopted. We also explore new data suggesting there could be a relationship between where you live and your health outcomes. And we take a look at the auto industry after GM announced big cuts.

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  • Jewish Leader Weighs In On Baraboo 'Nazi' Photo Controversy

    In its first formal action regarding the photo of male high school students giving what appears to be the Nazi salute, the Baraboo School Board has adopted a resolution calling for inclusive learning environments. We discuss the proclamation, the district’s decision to not punish the students, and how to move forward as a community.

  • Where You Live In Wisconsin Can Have A Big Impact On Your Health

    Your health is determined by a lot of factors, but where you live can have a significant impact on your overall well-being. Malia Jones of UW’s Applied Population Lab joins us to talk about her recent piece in WisContext looking at health outcomes county-by-county in Wisconsin.

  • What The GM Layoffs Say About The Auto Industry

    General Motors announced sweeping cuts to its North American staff this week, which means the likely elimination of thousands of jobs. We talk an auto industry reporter about what brought the company to this point and what it says about the industry as a whole.

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