United States Reinstates Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum Imports From Canada, Mexico, And The EU, Book Shares Stories From Freedom Riders, How To Grill Anything You Can Imagine

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A mob beats Freedom Riders in Birmingham, Alabama. This picture was reclaimed by the FBI from a local journalist who also was beaten and whose camera was smashed. May 1961.
By Unknown journalist [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A professor from UW-Eau Claire has published a book about the lives of the freedom riders of 1961 after meeting the individual riders and retracing the historic route. We find out more about the protests against segregation on buses from the author. We also talk to the chef behind a grilling cookbook to get the most flavor out of meats and creatively grill vegetables. Additionally, we take a look at a top news story.

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  • United States Reinstates Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum Imports From Canada, Mexico, And The EU

    The United States government reinstated tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. The Trump Administration said that the tariffs were in the interest of national security. But U.S. allies disagree with that claim. Since then, Canada and the EU have been swift to retaliate by implementing tariffs on some U.S. exports. We speak with Mark Copelovitch, associate professor of political science & public affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, about the move and how it could import foreign trade.

  • A Wisconsin Man's Role As A Freedom Rider

    The Freedom Rides of 1961 were pivotal events in the struggle for civil rights. A new book profiles several of those activists through personal interviews, including one Wisconsin man who participated.

  • Food Friday: Steven Raichlen's Project Fire

    Since the days of the caveman, grilling has evolved tremendously. With such a wide variety of grills themselves, fuel, tools, cooking methods and more, the options can be overwhelming. In this week’s edition of Food Friday, public television’s grill master Steven Raichlen makes sense of it all and shares his seven steps to grilling nirvana.

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