Underperforming Milwaukee Public Schools, Food Industry Trends

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Recent developments like removing antibiotics from food and paying a higher wage to workers have given food industry issues mainstream attention. We discuss the latest food trends, and look ahead to future changes. We also hear about a new proposal that would turn over operation of Milwaukee’s worst performing public schools to charter and voucher schools.

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  • GOP Lawmakers Propose Turning Over Worst Performing Milwaukee Schools To Charter, Voucher Operators

    Two Republican state lawmakers are proposing that some underperforming Milwaukee Public Schools be turned over to charter and voucher school operators. Those lawmakers are Representative Dale Kooyenga and Senator Alberta Darling, both from the Milwaukee suburbs.

    Under the plan, the Milwaukee County executive would oversee the turnover of up to five struggling Milwaukee Public Schools per year.

  • Latest Food Industry Trends Reflect Consumer Worries And Fears

    In response to growing consumer worries, many food companies and restaurant chains are removing key items in their products. Chipotle also announced the removal of GMOs from its food. A reporter breaks down the changes, and what they could mean for consumers.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
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