Ukraine and NATO updates, ‘Sundown towns’ in Wisconsin

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Bombed building in Chernihiv, Ukraine
Firefighters work inside a building destroyed by a Russian bomb in Chernihiv on Friday, April 22, 2022. Emilio Morenatti/AP Photo

A political science professor helps us check in on the latest surrounding the war in Ukraine including more potential aid from the U.S. and potential expansion of NATO. Then, a business diversity advocate and a historian join us to share the racist history of so-called ‘sundown towns’ in Wisconsin.

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  • The history of 'sundown towns' in Wisconsin

    When people think about the history of racism in the U.S. they often think of slavery and segregation in the South. Less attention is paid to the racism that existed in places like the Midwest that often took different forms, including what were called “sundown towns.” Two historians answer a WHYsconsin question about their history in Wisconsin.

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