Twins Space Study, Black Unemployment In Wisconsin, Founder Of StoryCorps

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An astronaut is heading off to space, and his twin brother is staying behind to participate in scientific studies. Our guest tells us what researchers hope to discover about how outer space affects our bodies. We also discuss the importance of oral histories with the founder of StoryCorps, and hear from the author of a new report that shows Wisconsin to have the highest black unemployment rate in the country.

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  • As Astronaut Begins Year In Space, Scientists Look At Its Effects On The Body

    Astronaut Scott Kelly is set to spend a year aboard the International Space Station. Back on earth, scientists will be studying his twin brother to compare data between the two men after the year has passed. The big question: how does a year in space affect our bodies? We talk with a science and space reporter to find out more.

  • Wisconsin Has Highest Black Unemployment Rate In The Country, Study Shows

    Wisconsin tops the nation for black unemployment according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute. At nearly 20 percent unemployment, it is almost double the national average of 11 percent.

    The report also looked at the rate at which different racial groups in the country are recovering from the recession and what unemployment rates might look like over the coming year.

  • StoryCorps Going Global

    2015 TED Prize winner Dave Isay dreams of a world in which people listen more and shout less. The StoryCorps founder explains how he’ll use his TED Prize to enable people around the globe to record and share their life stories.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
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