TV Campaign Ad Spending Down In Wisconsin, Can Body Parts Be A Trend?, The Rise Of Generic Drugs

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Walk into any American pharmacy, and you’ll see plenty of generic drugs side-by-side with their name brand counterparts. But just how similar or different are they, and where did the generic model come from? We talk to a physician-historian about the rise of generic drugs in our health-care system. Then we talk about a new report showing TV campaign ad spending is down in Wisconsin, and with Vogue magazine declaring that we’re officially in the era of the “big booty,” we ask: can body parts actually be a trend?

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  • New Report Shows Lower Spending On Political TV Ads In Wisconsin

    A new report from the non-partisan Center for Public Integrity shows television campaign ad spending is down in Wisconsin when compared with TV ad spending in 2010. A political scientist breaks down the report and discusses what we can learn from it about the gubernatorial election.

  • Are Big Butts Actually A Trend?

    Iconic fashion magazine Vogue recently published an article titled, “We’re Officially in the Era of Big Booty.” Numerous recent popular music videos from artists like Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce have indeed given a lot of attention to butts.

    But can a part of the body actually be a trend, and if so, is it actually something new? Large behinds have been celebrated for decades – think of the song “Baby Got Back” from the early 90s, and if you really go back in time, women of the 19th century even wore metal bustles. A cultural commentator weighs in.

  • A Cultural History Of Generic Drugs In America

    Generic drugs are popular options at drugstores and pharmacies across the nation. After all, why pay more for the real thing when the generic works just fine? A physician-historian looks traces the history of these drugs in America, and what differences exist between generic drugs and their name brand counterparts.

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