The Tupperware Story And Its Culture Lives On, Mondays With Mike, And A Top News Story

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Tupperware has been transporting pasta salads, desserts and deviled eggs to parties and holiday celebrations since 1946. We talk to a professor about how Tupperware has managed to survive as a cultural staple and continue to have a place in households so many decades later. We also give listener’s an opportunity to chime in with questions and comments on another edition of Mondays With Mike. And we discuss a deal to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement,

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  • Canada Signs On To NAFTA Replacement Deal

    President Trump announced Monday that the United States has reached an agreement with Canada and Mexico for a new trade deal to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement. We talk to a trade reporter about the details, and where the process to replace NAFTA goes next.

  • Decades Past Its Birth, Tupperware Still Has A Spot In Our Kitchens

    Tupperware, invented in 1946 by Earl Tupper, brings to mind the Tupperware parties popular in the 50s, housewives gathered together to socialize and talk about cooking. But even today many of our cabinets are homes to Tupperware pieces, maybe a purchase inspired by our own mothers or grandmothers. We hear from a professor about how innovative Tupperware was for its time and why the design keeps relevant among all the other containers.

  • Mondays With Mike: October 2018 Edition

    Tune in for the October 2018 edition of Mondays with Mike. WPR Director Mike Crane joins us to discuss the latest in WPR programming and operations, including the search for a new host of “The Morning Show,” upcoming election programming and special listener events.

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