Trump’s Immigration Demands, Angels Of Dirt, Shootings And The ‘Lone Wolf’

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The perpetrator of the mass shooting in Las Vegas last week was described by several media outlets as a “lone wolf.” Our guest talks about why the term is so often tied up with the race and religion of the attacker. We also talk to a local filmmaker about her new documentary following Wisconsin girls and women with a passion for flat-track motorcycle racing. Plus, we discuss the immigration demands President Trump gave to Congress today as part of a deal on saving the DACA program.

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  • Trump Ties Immigration Demands To Potential DACA Legislation

    In a statement released yesterday, President Trump sent Congress a list of immigration demands that he’d like to see in any legislation that would protect DACA recipients. The demands include building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, cracking down on sanctuary cities, and more. We take a closer look with an immigration law expert.

  • 'Angels Of Dirt' Showcases Fearlessness of Female Racers

    The freedom to be fearless is every girl’s right. That’s the message behind “Angels of Dirt,” an upcoming documentary from Wisconsin film director Wendy Schneider. Shot over 10 years, it follows girls and women in the state with a passion for high speed motorcycle racing. We hear about their competitive spirit and why the danger of racing isn’t enough to keep them off the track.

  • The Double Standard Of The 'Lone Wolf'

    After 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on attendees at a Las Vegas music festival, many reports identified him as a “local man” or “lone wolf.” The tragic shooting, which took the lives of 58 and injured hundreds, had many asking — why not identify him as a terrorist? We talk to an expert who says that there is a racial and religious double standard when it comes to identifying deadly attackers.

    What patterns have you noticed in how perpetrators of mass violence are labeled? Do you think that there is a racial or religious difference in how they are identified? Do you think the media is doing a good job in avoiding bias, or do we need to work harder?

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