Trump’s Calls To End Filibuster, Wisconsin’s Green Fire, Tax Reform

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A group of retired scientists and conservationists are taking it upon themselves to engage the public in ways they think the state DNR is no longer willing to do. We talk to the organizers of “Wisconsin’s Green Fire” about how they plan to influence environmental issues. President Trump has said repeatedly that Congress should eliminate the 60-vote requirement to end a filibuster. A congressional reporter is with us to discuss the implications. We also look at the President’s plan for tax reform and how it could fare in Congress.

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  • Trump Calls For An End To The Legislative Filibuster

    President Trump has repeatedly called for an end to the legislative filibuster in recent weeks. Our guest takes stock of the impact the move would have in Congress.

  • Retired Conservationists Getting Back To Work For Wisconsin's Environment

    More than one hundred retired scientists and conservationists are getting back to work to fill the voids they see being left by the Department of Natural Resources. We talk with two members of Wisconsin’s Green Fire about the group’s mission and how they plan to engage the public on environmental issues.

  • President Trump Calls For Tax Overhaul

    President Trump made the pitch for a significant overhaul of the U.S. tax code in a speech this week in Missouri. We explore what we do – and don’t – know about the proposal for reform and look at the steps ahead for Congress in this process,

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