Trump’s Call For FBI Investigation, Need For More Inclusive School Safety Plans, The Nostalgia Trap

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Volunteers participating in a training exercise for an active shooter simulate exiting the main entrance of Hopewell Elementary School with injuries Wednesday, May 25, 2016, in West Chester, Ohio. Lakota Schools and West Chester police and fire personnel collaborated with volunteers to help stage “a sense of chaos” and ensure all the key players are ready for “a worst-case scenario.” (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The Department of Justice’s inspector general is investigating a claim that the FBI spied on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. We look at what Trump’s allegation means for the Russia probe. Then, while active shooter drills are now commonplace practices at schools, they’re not as inclusive to students with disabilities as they could be. We learn more from our guest. We also take a look at why the nostalgic longing we feel for an idealized past could also serve to be a separating force between different racial and cultural groups.

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  • A Look At Trump's Call To Investigate The FBI For Allegedly Infiltrating His Campaign

    The Department of Justice is ordering its inspector general to look into a claim pushed by President Donald Trump that the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign. We examine the latest developments and discuss what comes next.

  • State Advocate Calls For More Inclusive School Safety Plans

    Run, hide, and fight is one method typically heard of when discussing active shooter drills. But is this considering all people? As Wisconsin starts accepting applications for grants to pay for school security upgrades, advocates are saying people with physical and mental disabilities need to be taken into consideration. We’ll find out what Wisconsin can be doing to better protect all students.

  • Being Too Nostalgic Might Not Be A Good Thing

    The term “good old days” is used frequently to evoke a earlier, often simpler time in our culture’s and country’s history. But our guest says that it can be dangerous to fall into a “nostalgia trap.”

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  • Stephanie Coontz Guest

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