Trump Criticizes Revised Travel Ban, State Bill To Reduce Sex Trafficking, Mondays With Mike

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This morning, President Trump tweeted out criticisms of his own administration’s revised travel ban as the White House is requesting a review by the Supreme Court. We take a closer look with a White House reporter. A new, bipartisan bill in the Wisconsin legislature would increase penalties on those who seek out prostitutes. One of the bill’s sponsors joins us to explain how she hopes it will protect women and girls by reducing the demand for sex trafficking. WPR’s Director of Content is also with us to talk about our latest developments and answer your questions. Plus, a top news story.

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  • Trump's Tweets Could Undercut Efforts To Restore Travel Ban

    President Trump called the revised executive order restricting immigration from six Muslim-majority countries a “watered down, politically correct version” of the earlier travel ban on Twitter today. We’ll find out why legal experts believe the president’s tweets will undermine his administration’s legal efforts to restore the ban.

  • Bipartisan Bill Seeks To Reduce Demand For Sex Trafficking

    Wisconsin’s Attorney General has called sex trafficking one of the state’s toughest criminal justice problems, and high-profile convictions in recent years revealed a large network of prostitution. A new, bipartisan bill aims to reduce the demand for sex trafficking in Wisconsin by strengthening penalties on those who solicit sex workers. A co-sponsor of the bill is with us to talk about how she hopes it will save more women and girls from getting caught up in the system.

  • Mondays With Mike–Behind The Scenes At WPR

    WPR Director of Content Mike Arnold joins the show for a look at the latest news from WPR–and you can join with your questions and comments.

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