Trump Companies Relying On Undocumented Immigrant Labor, Cameras That See Around Corners, Fewer Americans Eating At The Kitchen Table

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We learn about how Trump businesses have employed undocumented immigrants. And UW-Madison researchers have empowered cameras to see around corners. We find out why it’s an important development in a variety of fields. And we discuss why fewer people are having meals at the dinner table.

Featured in this Show

  • The Trump Organization's Use Of Workers Living In The Country Without Documentation

    A new report is shedding light on the Trump Organization’s use of workers who are living in the country illegally. We talk to one of the reporters who broke the story.

  • UW Researchers Develop Camera That Can 'See' Around Corners

    Researchers at UW-Madison have helped build a camera that can “see” around corners. We talk about how it works, and how it could have a big impact on everything from disaster relief to the battlefield.

  • Why Fewer People Are Eating Dinner At The Kitchen Table

    Recent research shows that while 75 percent of American adults ate dinner at a kitchen table while growing up, only about half do so today. We discuss what’s driving the downward trend and where people are now eating their meals instead.

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