Trump And Duterte, Domestic Violence In Hmong Community, Rural Wisconsin Voters Today

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It’s been a year since western Wisconsin’s rural counties helped propel Donald Trump to victory, the first time a Republican nominee won the state since 1984. We talk with a reporter traveling the state about the mood among rural voters today. We also hear about the issue of domestic violence in the state’s Hmong community and what’s being done to reduce it. Plus, we discuss the Trump administration’s view on human rights after the President praised his relationship with the leader of the Philippines.

Featured in this Show

  • President Trump Visits The Philippines

    In his first official visit to Manila, President Trump highlighted a “great relationship” with President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. The President’s warm rapport with Duterte has raised eyebrows in the past, given the human rights concerns and bloody anti-drug campaign that has taken place under Duterte’s presidency. A Southeast Asia expert talks to us about the implications of the meeting between the two leaders.

  • Addressing Domestic Violence In The Hmong Community

    A community organizer working on issues of gender violence in the Southeast Asian community shares her thoughts as the healing process continues after the May events in the Wausau area that left five people dead, including the perpetrator. The killer was targeting his wife and her lawyer.

  • Wisconsin Voters, One Year After The Big Election

    Starting in southwestern Wisconsin, a political reporter is traveling the state to check out the mood of voters, one year after the contentious 2016 election. He joins the show to share what he’s learned so far.

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