Trump Administration Orders Local Palestinian Organization To Close Office, New Wisconsin Civics Competition For High Schoolers To Prepare For Exam, Writer Says Every Job Deserves Respect

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The Palestinian Liberation Organization is a group well-known for representing Palestinians in the U.S. The Trump administration has announced its ordered closure. We talk to a national security reporter about what this means and how it fits in the U.S. view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We also hear about a new competition to prep high school students for the now mandatory civics exam. And, we discuss an opinion writer’s piece about why we should respect all workers– from grocery store baggers to office cleaners.

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  • Trump Administration Closes Washington D.C. Office Of Palestinian Liberation Organization

    The Trump Administration announced this week that it has ordered the closing of the Washington D.C. office of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a group that is accepted by much of the world to be the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. We talk to a national security reporter about why, and how this fits in with Trump’s broader stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • Let The Games Begin– The Wisconsin Civics Games That Is

    In order to keep high school students on their toes and prepared for the now mandatory pre-graduation civics test a few Wisconsin organizations are banding together to organize a little competition. UW-Green Bay professors are working on preparing questions this fall for students to study for. We learn more about the competition from one of the professors involved.

  • Every Job Matters If You're Working Towards A Better Future

    After former Cosby show star Geoffrey Owens was spotted bagging groceries at his local Trader Joe’s, Fox News posted his photo to Twitter. We talk to an opinion writer and editorial cartoonist about why this action came across as job shaming and why a person doing their job, no matter the type of work, should be respected.

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