Trump Administration Considers Reinstating Bush-era Immigration Registry, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grant, Advice For New Leaders

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As politicians and presidents commence new roles, we hear from an expert on how to focus on issues that unite us, rather than tear us apart. We also learn about how a new administration could affect restoration of the Great Lakes. We also get insights on reports that the incumbent Trump administration may reinstate a Bush-era immigration registry that could impact Muslims.

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  • Bush-era Registry To Vet Muslim Immigrants May Be Revived Under Trump

    In the run-up to the election, President-elect Donald Trump said he supported “extreme vetting” of Muslims who enter the United States. This week, one of his advisors outlined plans to reinstate a Bush-era immigration registry that could do exactly that: vet Muslims trying to enter the United States. An immigration expert provides details and analysis.

  • Great Lakes Restoration

    Our guest looks at the future of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which will be up for discussion under a new presidential administration.

  • Advice For Leaders: Embracing Servant Leadership

    As a new president and other political leaders get ready, a Wisconsin expert shares advice on Servant Leadership–and focusing on ideas that can unite us, instead of issues that divide us.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
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  • Veronica Rueckert Producer
  • Rob Ferrett Producer
  • Terri Givens Guest
  • Ron Seely Guest
  • Thomas Thibodeau Guest

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