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A sign entering the Red Cliff reservation
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We learn more about an executive order from the Biden administration to help tribes access more federal funds. Then, we check in on the rising popularity of romance novels. Later, we talk to the author of a cookbook all about Latin American cooking.

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  • Executive order aims to improve tribal access to federal funds

    Earlier in December, President Biden signed an Executive Order on Reforming Federal Funding and Support for Tribal Nations to Better Embrace Our Trust Responsibilities and Promote the Next Era of Tribal Self Determination. A Native journalist explains what’s in the executive order and how it will change tribes’ ability to access federal funds.

  • Why romance novel popularity is on the rise, led by young adult readers

    Romance novel sales and popularity have risen steadily in recent years. We explore how this genre has found growth through a changing landscape in the book industry.

  • Food Friday: Latin American cooking

    The 21 countries of Latin America are home to some of the richest—and most flavorful—culinary traditions in the world. We talk to the author of a new cookbook containing more than 300 home recipes from the region.

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