Treating Coronavirus Disease A Different Way, History Of Presidents And Pandemics, End Of Safer-At-Home At County Level

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Workers wearing masks during the 1918 Spanish Flu
The Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918 was guarded against so closely that workers were forced to use masks at work like these two men in hospital No. 4 at Fort Porter, New York. Photo courtesy of the National Archives Catalog

A UW-Madison doctor walks us through the pros and cons of a different COVID-19 treatment that’s being touted. Then we talk to an author of a book looking at presidential leadership during pandemics through American history. And we get county-level reactions to the end of Governor Evers’ safer-at-home order.

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  • UW-Madison Doctor Discusses Alternative Way Of Treating COVID-19

    A group of doctors says they’ve come up with an effective treatment for COVID-19 patients. We talk with a doctor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison about how it works and why it isn’t being used more frequently.

  • What Presidents Have Gotten Right, And Wrong, During Pandemics

    American presidents have a powerful role to play in responding to pandemics, and they’ve used their platform with varying success. We look back at how presidents have handled outbreaks in the past and what it can tell us about containing the novel coronavirus.

  • County Leaders Taking Different Approaches After Safer-At-Home Is Struck Down

    After a court ruling struck down the state’s safer-at-home order, counties and cities are able to decide whether they want to put local safety orders in place. We talk with two county executives taking different approaches to the problem.

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