Travel Ban Remains Blocked, Pursuing Our Dreams With Day Jobs, Barbecue Master’s Tips

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A federal court yesterday upheld a previous ruling that blocked President Trump’s travel ban focused on Middle Eastern countries. We hear what the decision said, and if the case may advance to the Supreme Court. “Don’t quit your day job,” is a phrase commonly used to discourage people from following their dreams, but our guest says that there are plenty of ways to pursue our passions while still bringing in a steady income. Also, a legendary pitmaster and his daughter are with us to help us master the art of barbecuing.

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  • Appeals Court Upholds Block Of Travel And Immigration Ban

    On Thursday, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a decision to block President Trump’s travel and immigration ban, which prevented people from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. We speak with Jaweed Kaleem of the L.A. Times about the news and whether the Supreme Court could get involved.

  • Follow Your Dreams, But Don't Quit Your Day Job

    We talk to a New York Magazine columnist who lays out the argument that pursuing one’s dreams shouldn’t be a choice between your day job and your passion.

  • Praise The Lard: Barbecue Tips And Tricks From a Champion Pitmaster

    On this week’s ‘Food Friday’, we’ll speak with legendary pitmaster Mike Mills, and his daughter Amy, about how to barbecue like a pro.

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