Transportation in Wisconsin, Being Sober and State News Roundup

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Rob Ferrett and Gene Purcell ask listeners how they would improve transportation in their communities around the state, talk to the author of “Being Sober” about addiction and recovery, and round up the week’s news.

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  • Wisconsinites Consider Transit Improvements Throughout State

    Madison Metro Transit officials are asking for input from the public on how they can improve the city’s public transit system. Similar questions about the future of mass transit are being asked in other parts of the state.

    Craig Thompson, executive director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin, said that the biggest improvement that he could see to the transit system in Wisconsin “is getting in better repair the system we already have.”

    With regard to public transportation, he suggested that cities like Madison develop bus rapid transit systems that operate similarly to local trains — with stations and dedicated lanes, but without the infrastructure requirements of a hard track.

    Thompson acknowledged that Wisconsin does a good job of building bike trails, but noted that creating a safe environment for bikers also involves building bike lanes on streets.

    On the federal level, “complete streets legislation” encourages states to create these kinds of lanes when redoing streets, he said.

    A caller who identified herself as Maurina from Pleasant Prairie said that she would like to see commuter rails into bigger cities, allowing easy access to downtown areas. She said the current system “eliminates people such as herself and seniors.

    Another caller who said his name was John from Hudson echoed her concerns, pointing out that, “Individuals with disabilities have no way of getting from city to city right now, (and that) there is no bus service from Wausau to Madison.”

    “We need to have more mass transit because Millennials are not buying cars,” he said.

    A caller who identified herself as Barbara from Waupaca suggested that Wisconsin focus more energy on buses and trains rural areas because “a healthy rural way of life is as important to our nation’s success — going forward — as a healthy urban way of life.”

    Thompson said he supported the idea, but said that the priority in rural areas is maintaining existing roads, something that — according to him — Wisconsin is already falling behind on.

    Metro Transit in Madison will also have a Tweet chat on Oct. 11 from noon to 1 p.m. Metro riders can use #MetroInput to join the chat.

  • Crowdsourcing Transportation Improvements In Wisconsin

    Metro Transit bus riders are being asked to weigh in on how Madison can improve it’s public transit system. Central Time is broadening the conversation, asking Wisconsinites how transportation can be improved in their cities and around the state.

  • Being Sober: A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting To, Getting Through, And Living In Recovery

    The disease of addiction affects 1 in 10 people in the United States, and it often leads to death. The Physician Director of the Betty Ford Center unveiled a new step-by-step plan to sobriety in his new book, “Being Sober: A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting To, Getting Through, and Living In Recovery.” He’ll discuss addiction and recovery.

  • State News Round-Up For October 4

    News Director Michael Leland joins us for a look at the top state news stories this week.

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