Transportation Funding Update, Cancer And Exercise, Top State Parks To Visit

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The debate over funding for Wisconsin’s transportation projects continues, with Governor Walker warning that the impasse could delay construction already underway. A WPR reporter shares the latest from the capitol. For those fighting cancer, regular exercise has proven to be a big help. However, a new study shows that doctors aren’t discussing it with patients as often as you might think. We find out what’s causing the disconnect. We also run down the list of the top 10 Wisconsin state parks to visit this summer, and hear some of your favorites.

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  • Governor Walker Tries To Rally GOP Around His $6 Million Transportation Plan

    Governor Walker spoke in Beloit this morning to implore Republican lawmakers in the state legislature to coalesce around his transportation funding plan. We’ll speak with WPR State Capitol Reporter Laurel White to get the details.

  • Cancer Patients Benefit From Exercise, But Doctors Don't Always Discuss It With Them

    While the benefits of physical activity for cancer patients is well-known, new research shows that doctors don’t discuss it with patients or offer advice as often as might be helpful. We find out what may be causing the disconnect, and what people dealing with a cancer diagnosis should know.

  • Wisconsin State Parks To Visit This Summer

    We talk about some of the best Wisconsin state parks to visit this summer, and we ask you to share your favorite Wisconsin places to visit!

  • Journalist Shares Some Of Her Favorite Wisconsin State Parks To Visit This Summer

    Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer season, a time when many Wisconsinites travel around the state to see its natural wonders — like the many state parks. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel multimedia journalist Chelsey Lewis kicked off the summer season with a trip to the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

    “I actually was able to make it out into the Kettle Moraine State Forest, which is close to me in Milwaukee. I got a nice little overnight backpacking trip in the Ice Age Trail,” she said.

    Lewis wrote about the Kettle Moraine State Forest in her piece, 10 Wisconsin State Parks to Visit This Summer. She said you can go to the state parks any time of the year, but summer is a very special time to experience Wisconsin’s natural beauty.

    “The summer is when everything kind of comes alive in Wisconsin, we have our beautiful lakes and rivers that we can swim and fish and kayak and canoe in, the trees are full of leaves,” she said, noting due to the rain, the rivers and waterfalls are really raging and robust this year.

    Some other state parks Lewis recommends visiting this summer include:

    Roche-A-Cri State Park: The park is in Adams County and features hiking, camping, fishing and picnic areas. It has the only interpreted rock art site in the state, with petroglyphs and pictographs.

    “I had not been to Roche-A-Cri until last year, and I was shocked I hadn’t been there because it’s such a great natural gem and part of our history with the petroglyphs there,” Lewis said. She added that it’s a great park for nature and history.

    Harrington Beach State Park. Photo courtesy of Chelsey Lewis

    Harrington Beach State Park: This park is between Milwaukee and Sheboygan on the coast of Lake Michigan. It has seven miles of hiking trails and one mile of Lake Michigan shoreline.

    “It’s kind of a quiet little gem over in Lake Michigan here, close to Milwaukee, and that’s what’s nice about it too, I think it’s only about half an hour from the city, so it’s nice for a quick little getaway,” she said.

    Kohler-Andrae State Park: The park is near Sheboygan and is the home of majestic sand dunes and miles of golden beach along the shore of Lake Michigan. It’s one of the last natural preserves and offers hiking, camping, biking, horseback riding and more.

    “Kohler-Andrae, especially with the dunes that you have along the beach there, it is so different for Wisconsin and really beautiful and even with the high lake levels we’ve had for the past few years, the beach has kind of held up,” Lewis said. She added that she loves camping there — she’s even camped at Kohler-Andrae in the winter.

    Black River State Forest: This park is in the heart of west central Wisconsin, near the city of Black River Falls. It has ATV, UTV and motorcycle trails that link with the Jackson County trail system. It also offers biking, camping, hiking, hunting and picnicking.

    “I’ve gone hiking in the Castle Mound area of that state forest, really beautiful bluff mound that you can hike up and around,” she said. “There’s so many things to do, it’s such a big property, and also it’s right off the interstate, it’s pretty accessible to people, so even if you’re traveling like from Milwaukee to the Twin Cities or anywhere in between, you can hop off for a nice little dose of nature and get back on, or do a longer trip.”

    Natural Bridge State Park: This park is in Sauk County in the Driftless Area and has a natural sandstone arch created by the eroding effects of wind and water. Near the bridge there’s a rock shelter used by Native Americans when the glacier was melting 11,000 years ago. There is no camping, but there is hiking, picnic areas and hunting and trapping.

    “Everyone does go up to Devil’s Lake and Mirror Lake, some of the bigger parks there, but little Natural Bridge is really nice, and it has this large sandstone arch … and Native Americans used to use it as a shelter, there’s a little cave right underneath it, so cool little natural land history spot,” Lewis said.

    Before you go to any state park, you need a state parks sticker. Lewis calls it one of the best deals in Wisconsin.

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