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A Wisconsin woman just returned from Hungary, where she competed in the world armwrestling championship! She talks with us about the competition and why she thinks that being legally blind is an asset. With fall in the air, sweet potatoes are coming into season. For Food Friday, we get delicious ideas on using sweet potatoes in savory and sweet dishes. We also hear about Xcel Energy’s proposed transmission line in northern Wisconsin that’s getting pushback from area residents.

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  • Proposed Xcel Transmission Line In Northern Wiscconsin, Rallies Against Enbridge

    Xcel Energy has proposed a new transmission line on the tip of northern Wisconsin that is needed to strengthen power in the area, according to the company. However, landowners that would be affected are calling for more information before moving forward. We talk with a Wisconsin Public Radio reporter about this proposal, plus get the latest on rallies against the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project in the Superior area.

  • Wisconsin Woman Is Champion Armwrestler

    A Wisconsin woman shares her experiences at a global armwrestling championship, recently held in Budapest, Hungary. Although she is legally blind, and could have competed in a different bracket as result, she says her disability can give her a competitive edge against sighted opponents.

    Have you taken on something that you thought you couldn’t do at first? Have others assumed that you would be hindered by something? What techniques do you have for getting rid of obstacles? Let us know!


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  • Wisconsin Woman Is One Of World's Best Arm Wrestlers

    Professional arm wrestling isn’t for the faint of heart.

    “You need mental strength just to go through the training that it takes to become somebody at this level. You need dedication, you need determination,” said Shawna Feist. “Day in and day out you’ve gotta be pretty strong mentally.”

    Feist knows this personally, because she’s one of the best. The Wisconsinite won first place in her division at the American Armsport Association National Championship in July in Michigan.

    She went on to compete last month in the World Armwrestling Federation’s World Armwrestling Championship last month in Budapest, Hungary. She placed eighth.

    Feist, of Plover, first got into arm wrestling 17 years ago as a fan. Her husband competed in the sport, and she traveled to watch his competitions.

    Eventually, she decided to compete right along with him.

    “When I first walked up on that stage, I was so scared. My legs were shaking so bad,” she recalled. “It was my first time competing in the world and there was 2,000 competitors.”

    Now that Feist is a pro, the competition is all about variety. She’s right-handed, and a stronger wrestler on her left side, but competes in both the left-hand and right-hand categories.

    Feist is also visually impaired, but chooses to compete against wrestlers with full vision.

    While mental strength is crucial for the sport, so is physical strength. Feist works out at home and at the gym, lifting dumbbells, and doing arm and hammer curls.

    The key is to strengthen the wrist and the hand, she said, but the sport uses the rest of your body for leverage and strength.

    When she competes, it may look effortless. Some people work years to win a national championship. But Feist is actually just getting back into the sport after a few years off.

    Feist recently won the state title in her weight division. She knew then that she was back in the game.

    “The more you do it, the more confident you get, and more comfortable you get,” she said.

    Her husband still arm wrestles competitively, though they don’t compete against each other. The competitions are typically separated by gender. They’re beginning to teach their youngest, a 9-year-old boy, the ropes.

    And Feist says she sees herself continuing to compete as long as possible. There’s no retirement age when it comes to arm wrestling.

    “There’s people that are 60, 70, 80 years old that are in the sport,” she said. “As long as my body will let me keep competing, I’m gonna keep striving for that first place.”

  • Food Friday: Singing The Praises Of Sweet Potatoes!

    There’s a new hot vegetable in town — the sweet potato! Sweet potatoes are gaining in popularity, thanks to their health benefits, versatility in the kitchen, and low price tag. On this edition of “Food Friday,” a guest chef shares tips for creating delicious and unique dishes with sweet potatoes, from fries and chips, to desserts like cinnamon rolls and ice cream.

    Do you have a favorite sweet potato recipe? Or know of a Wisconsin restaurant that makes a great sweet potato dish? Let us know!


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