Toyota Recall Probe, On Congress, Video Store Culture

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How did video stores change movie culture? Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett will find out. Then, turning to Washington D.C., they’ll get an update on Congress. And check on the Toyota’s settlement of the largest criminal penalty imposed on a car company in U.S. history

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  • Toyota Settles Largest Penalty Ever In Recall Probe

    Toyota has settled the largest criminal penalty imposed on a car company in U.S. history. This comes close on the heels on a probe into a General Motor s recall. Rob Ferret gets details and asks what consumers can do to protect themselves.

  • This Week In Congress – March 19, 2014

    USA Today Politics and Congress Editor Paul Singer joins Central Time for his weekly update on happenings in Congress.

  • How Video Stores Changed Movie Culture Forever

    Even though they’re getting harder to find these days, video rental stores still represent a fundamental change in the way Americans think about movies. That’s according to a professor and author who says video stores changed the way we socialize around movies.

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