Top Stories From Washington, Remembering A UW Scientist Whose Discovery Gave Us PCR Tests

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U.S. capitol building at dawn
The U.S. Capitol is seen at dawn in Washington. Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

A leadership battle is brewing in the GOP, and President Biden says he wants to vaccinate 70 percent of adult Americans in the next two months. We break down these, and other top stories in national politics. Then, we remember the life of a UW scientist whose discovery made way for the gold standard in coronavirus testing: the PCR test.

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  • Week In Washington: May 5, 2021

    Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is feuding with GOP Rep. Liz Cheney over Cheney’s disapproval of former President Trump. We talk to a congressional correspondent about what it could mean for her leadership position, and other top stories out of Washington.

  • Celebrating The Life Of The UW Microbiologist Whose 1966 Discovery Helped Create Today's Coronavirus Tests

    Thomas Brock died late last month. The UW microbiologist’s 1966 discovery of heat-tolerant bacteria in Yellowstone National Park won him the Nobel Prize. Thanks to that discovery, we now have PCR tests, the gold standard for detecting coronavirus. We learn about Brock and the deep impact of his work.

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